You can create any number of Messages Destinations in ZipTite, and each one can be custom-configured.

This enables you to have several Messages Destinations, each tailored to sharing your files with different individuals or groups of people via Apple Messages.


For example, you may have one Messages Destination that is configured in a generic way. You then use this as a catch-all Destination when you want to share a Zip Archive with someone via Messages where you provide their phone number and subject of the Messages on the fly.

And then you may wish to have additional Messages Destinations, each configured for a specified person and a specific purpose.

Let's say you often send files to a friend. In this case, you can have Messages Destinations just for them, with the Destination subject and your friend's phone number pre-defined to make sharing your files with them as simple as Drag-and-Drop.
When you configure a Messages Destination, you can provide one or more of the following:
  • Subject
  • One or more Recipients
  • Each of these is optional; if you do not provide a value for one of these fields, then ZipTite will provide a suitable default.

    Pictured to the right is an example configuration of an Messages Destination used exclusively for sending files to a friend whose phone number is 555-867-5309.
    When the Messages Destination shown here is used to create a Zip Archive, here is the resulting message. The email is fully populated and ready to go.

    The only thing left to do is to send it: