You can create any number of FTP Destinations in ZipTite.

This enables you to quickly and easily upload Zip Archives to various FTP Servers for safe-keeping or sharing.
When you configure an FTP Destination, you must provide the following:
  • FTP Server Address
  • FTP Port
  • FTP User Name
  • FTP Password
  • The following field is optional:
  • Folder Path
  • If you do not provide a folder path, the Zip Archive will be uploaded to the root of the FTP Server.

    If you wish to place the Archive in a specific folder on the FTP server, you must provide the path to that folder.
    Replace Confirmation

    You can also configure an FTP Destination to alert you before uploading a Zip Archive if a Zip Archive with the same name already exists on the FTP.

    Check the box to allow you the option to overwrite or to cancel the upload.

    Uncheck the box to have ZipTite always replace any previously existing Zip Archive with the same name.